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Living Well

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Living Well Community Solution

Health care costs and employee productivity are significantly influenced by where people spend time– including worksites, schools and public spaces within the community. Employers can best improve costs and productivity by working collaboratively within a community to deliver campaigns and programs. mspWellness and HealthPartners have teamed up to offer employers, regardless of insurer or membership, access to best in class services typically only available to larger employers.

The employer and Living Well partnership

The Living Well Community Solution is a health and well-being program that combines employer

and community efforts into a comprehensive experience. Together we collaborate to customize the

well-being portal to support the employer culture with aligned community goals and ensure an

all-encompassing participant experience.


How employees and their families benefit

HealthPartners provides participants a broad range of activities designed to deliver sustained behavior change. Our activities drive a 95% participant satisfaction rate and are proven to improve or remove health risks. Participants will have access to digital solutions accessible through an app or website.


To learn more about the program, click here.

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